Simple look and feel changes in SharePoint 2007

How to change the theme for SharePoint 2007 site

1) Click on the site action and select the site settings
2) Under the Look and Feel you can see Site Theme in the option, click on the Site Theme
3) Some themes will be listed, which is preload in the SharePoint. By default the default theme is selected.
4) Select the theme you want to apply and click the apply button
5) Thus the them applies to the site successfully

How to change the logo in the header for SharePoint 2007 site

1) In the left navigation panel you can see the view all site content, click on that and continue
2) Under the Document Libraries you can see a library named images available. If not create one as per you needed.
3) Upload the Logo image into that image document library
4) After uploading right click on the image file in the document library and copy the shortcut of the logo file
5) Now go to site actions site settings
6) Under Look and Feel click on the Title, Description and Icon
7) In the Logo URL and Description, in the URL text box paste your copied path
8) Click ok and continue. The logo is successfully changed


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