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Embrassing screen sharing interview : SharePoint

First time in 10 years I am attending new format of interview. Sharing your computer screen and writing code as per interviewer request.

For me to be frank, interviewer was really a good guy, Nicely spoken most understanding. But I am very nervous about exams right from childhood :)

This interview format is too much for me :) My interviewer was asked me to do very simple stuff write a c# code using SharePoint object model to set values in Choice field. Damn, I know the 5 lines of code. I don't know what happened at that time by I am totally blank :( It was so embarrassing for me and I cannot deliver what he asked. I don't know how to prove I am so much better than this. :(

This blog, I am writing after 1 hr of the interview. The code blow is the what is expected. Hope the code will compile I guess.

//get choice field instance

SPFieldChoice LeaveReason = (SPFieldChoice)myList.Fields["Reason"];

//set field format type

LeaveReason.EditFormat = SPChoiceFormatType.Dropdo…