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Simple look and feel changes in SharePoint 2007

How to change the theme for SharePoint 2007 site

1) Click on the site action and select the site settings
2) Under the Look and Feel you can see Site Theme in the option, click on the Site Theme
3) Some themes will be listed, which is preload in the SharePoint. By default the default theme is selected.
4) Select the theme you want to apply and click the apply button
5) Thus the them applies to the site successfully

How to change the logo in the header for SharePoint 2007 site

1) In the left navigation panel you can see the view all site content, click on that and continue
2) Under the Document Libraries you can see a library named images available. If not create one as per you needed.
3) Upload the Logo image into that image document library
4) After uploading right click on the image file in the document library and copy the shortcut of the logo file
5) Now go to site actions site settings
6) Under Look and Feel click on the Title, Description and Icon
7) In the Logo URL and Description, in the U…

Enabling Drop down menu for multi level in SharePoint 2007 sites Top Navigation bar

Let’s check how we can enable the drop down menu in SharePoint 2007 site in the top navigation bar.
Here you can see the top navigation bar of a SharePoint site, the securesite is the parent here for site1 subsite and under the site1 we site1-1 as its own subsite. Let’s see how these subsites are shown as dropdown menu in the top navigation bar.
Go to site actions and select site settings,

Under the Look and feel select Navigation to proceed.

In the subsites and pages check the check box show subsites and click ok to continue.

Now you can see the drop down menu for single level is enabled.

By default SharePoint as single level of drop down menu. To enable multi level we need to do small change in the master page of the particular site using Microsoft SharePoint Designer.
Open your SharePoint site in SharePoint designer and navigate through the folder and open the default.master page.

Check out the code snippet screen shot.

The MaximumDynamicDisplayLevels=”1” is the attribute which as defaul…

Office communication server 2007 Enterprise Edition

Office communication server 2007 Enterprise EditionDeploy pool in consolidated topology:Deploys an enterprise pool and install all enterprise edition components.
10 steps to be followed
Step 1: Prepare active directory
7 steps to be followed
Step 1.1: Prep Schemas
Step 1.2: Verify replication of schema partition
Step 1.3: Prep Forest
Step 1.4: Verify replication global settings and global catalog
Step 1.5: Prep current domains
Step 1.6: Verify replication in the domain
Step 1.7: Delegate setup and administration
Step 2: Create enterprise pool
Prerequisite: Mini mum SQL 2000 with SP 4 or SQL 2005 with SP1
Ref: http://w…

Configuring the Out of the Box Approval Workflow for a Document Library

Configuring the Out of the Box Approval Workflow for a Document Library
Step 1: Create a Document Library in your site as per your requirement.
To create a document library, go to all site content and click on the create button.

Now click on the document library to create it.

Next you will be redirected to another page where you need to fill it with some information to create the desired document library.

In the Name text box enter the name of the document library and description you can enter something about your document library which is not a mandatory field.

In this dropdown select the document type you want to be used in this document library. For example if you want to all types just select none.

If you select yes here the document library will have versioning enabled.
Now let’s check how the approval workflow can be configured with this document library.

Click on the Setting and select the Document Library Settings.

Click on the Workflow settings under Permissions and Management to cont…

Create a simple WorkFlow For SharePoint 2007 using VSTS 2008

Create a simple WorkFlow For SharePoint 2007 using Visual Studio Team Suite 2008

For VSTS 2008 environment : Get it from here >>
Now. after setting up the VSTS 2008 environment, open the Visual Studio 2008 and click on the create project.

Now select the workflow type you want to create. Here in this demonstration i'm creating the Sequential WorkFlow.
Here the next screen display with two text box. One the first one is enter your WorkFlow name and the seond one to enter your SharePoint Site address.

Next is the assigning the WorkFlow to the desired place. We have option for automatically associate workflow to selected Document Library or List. And Other option like Task list assigning and etc...

Next is how the workflow should be started and other options.

and now just run the workflow you will get the output.

SharePoint 2007 Application Template

Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Application Template Resource CenterThe resources below provide information for getting the most out Application Templates for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0. These include an introduction to Windows SharePoint Services, information on learning the basics of application templates and working with SharePoint sites, and links to relevant guides and datasheets. You’ll also learn how you can customize application templates to meet your unique business needs.More>>