CAML.NET IntelliSense for SharePoint

Excellent outcome by some of the Microsoft Technology community influencers.
CAML.NET IntelliSense for SharePoint
To build a SharePoint feature, you must write CAML, but the raw CAML schemas produce only minimal editing support in Visual Studio. This project extends the raw CAML schemas with fully annotated XSDs that enable IntelliSense to display full SDK documentation while editing SharePoint XML files. Most SharePoint developers know how to add the SharePoint schemas to Visual Studio so you get IntelliSense when editing CAML files. This is a good first step, but only provides the bare minimum of information needed to build solutions. The result is that you spend a good deal of time searching through the SDK documentation for the necessary details for using a particular CAML element or attribute, or to see the list of valid attribute values.

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