Configuring the Out of the Box Approval Workflow for a Document Library

Configuring the Out of the Box Approval Workflow for a Document Library

Step 1: Create a Document Library in your site as per your requirement.
To create a document library, go to all site content and click on the create button.

Now click on the document library to create it.

Next you will be redirected to another page where you need to fill it with some information to create the desired document library.

In the Name text box enter the name of the document library and description you can enter something about your document library which is not a mandatory field.

In this dropdown select the document type you want to be used in this document library. For example if you want to all types just select none.

If you select yes here the document library will have versioning enabled.
Now let’s check how the approval workflow can be configured with this document library.

Click on the Setting and select the Document Library Settings.

Click on the Workflow settings under Permissions and Management to continue.

Select the Approval Workflow in the workflow template list and enter some unique name for your workflow and select the list in which the workflow created tasks should list under. And other setting like workflow history list, when the workflow should start and how it should start etc.

How the workflow should run parallel or serial. Parallel is like you give more than one approver and make them approve it parallel. We have reassigned the task to another person option.

These are the option available in the workflow settings. Now click ok after setting all the details. Workflow is configured in the document library.

Now let’s check how the workflow works, let’s see a small demo...

Go to the document library and click on the new document and add to the library.

Now you can see that the workflow has been started, says that In Progress.
When you logged in as assigned user credentials you can see the workflow task that should be completed by that user in the task list.

You can see now the assigned user gets the task with title and status is not started.

To approve or reject the workflow click on the view item and continue.

Here in this screen write the comments and approve/reject or reassign it another user.

After approving it states that status is completed.

Now you can see the document is approved successfully.


Lisa said…
Please tell me how to get "Approval Workflow in the workflow template list" you mentioned in your article! The only available workflow I have is "Three-state". I am using WSS 3.0, hosted by Apptix at I need a customized approval process like the one you describe here but have been having an awful time - I'm not a programmer which is why I've been trying to do this myself in a trial of SP Designer. Please help asap!! Thank you, Lisa
Normal this out of the box workflow also as three state approve/reject/change...
can you explain the solution you needed?
Arnold said…

I enjoyed your description of the Approval workflow proccess.

I did run into an issue, however. The person to whom a task is Reassigned does NOT have permission to Approve the document. The person who performed the Reassignment must Approve to continue the workflow. Do you have any idea what the issue might be?


Arnold Smith
Arnold said…

I enjoyed your article on the Approval workflow.

However, I am running into an issue. The person to whom a task has been reassigned does NOT have permission to Approve. SharePoint raises an error. The person who Reassigned the task must Approve in order for the workflow to continue. Do you have any idea what the issue might be?


Rinki said…
I have created a workflow and
This is what I am doing while creating the workflow.
But when I check "Cancellation & Error Report" It shows me "Error" in event column.
Can you help please.

Carson said…
To get the approval workflow in your workflow template list, you must have a admin add the "Routing workflow" feature to your site collection

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