Office communication server 2007 Enterprise Edition

Office communication server 2007 Enterprise Edition

Deploy pool in consolidated topology:

Deploys an enterprise pool and install all enterprise edition components.
10 steps to be followed
Step 1: Prepare active directory
7 steps to be followed
Step 1.1: Prep Schemas
Step 1.2: Verify replication of schema partition
Step 1.3: Prep Forest
Step 1.4: Verify replication global settings and global catalog
Step 1.5: Prep current domains
Step 1.6: Verify replication in the domain
Step 1.7: Delegate setup and administration
Step 2: Create enterprise pool
Prerequisite: Mini mum SQL 2000 with SP 4 or SQL 2005 with SP1
Ref: for SP1
Step 3: Deploy Hardware Load Balancer
Step 4: Configure pool
Step 5: Add server to pool
Prerequisite: MSMQ requirement add this component.
Step 6: Configure Certificate
Sample Certificates:
Step 7: Configure web component certificate
Step 8: Verify Replication
Step 9: Start Services
Step 10: Validate Server and Pool functionality


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