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Solution and Authored Artifact Development Models for SharePoint Products and Technologies

Learn about methodologies and strategies to reconcile differences between Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies artifact development and assembly development. The strategies include combining these two components into a single version control repository, such as Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Team Foundation Server. (12 printed pages)

This article was feel good resource for SharePoint professional...
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Package Load Failure - You may use 'devenv /resetskippkgs' to re-enable package loading

Recently when I planned to explore on the Microsoft ServiceFactory, and leading to that I started setting up the development environment for the same. After installing ServiceFactoryV3 and Guidance Automation Extensions for my Visual Studio 2005, when I opened the Visual Studio IDE I was facing the first innovative task :) to be solved by me was the dll load error for the Service factory. Handling the error messages of the development tools is not going to the new task for Microsoft technology programmers :) . The following is the error I faced ---------------------------Microsoft Visual Studio---------------------------Package Load Failure
Package 'Microsoft.Practices.ServiceFactory.VsPkg.ModelProjectPackage, Microsoft.Practices.ServiceFactory.VsPkg, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=628c8c43ff73aea8' has failed to load properly ( GUID = {3A053D37-49A0-4713-A3C4-6161158FB0C4} ). Please contact package vendor for assistance. Application restart is recommended, du…