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Developer Awards Announced

Developer Awards

redPipit Most Valuble Developer for Developers Community

redPipit is happy to announce the award recoginition program for all the registered users of Yearly one of the most valuable redPipit user, who is more frequent and usefull solution provider for all other users and readers of will be awarded as the "redPipit Most Valuble Developer". The final result will be based on the judges and reviewer of the award program. All the best for each and every users of redPipit.

redpipit forum

A long waited community portal for computer technologies. has been launched successfully.

This is fully developed using ASP.NET and C# programming runs completely based on Microsoft Technologies. Technology solution and support given by Arimaan Global Consulting, India.

All community influencers are welcome and invited to participate in this free technology forum and make is has a great success.

The server principal "DB" is not able to access the database "_ANTARES_WCF" under the current security context. (Microsoft SQL Server,

Error Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 916Many times developers connect remotely to their MS SQl Database using
SQL Server Management Studio. Sometimes when they connect the get the following error:

The server principal "DB name" is not able to access the database "Another DB Name"
under the current security context. (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 916)


To fix this SQL Server Management Studio 2008 (maybe in 2005 too), please do the following: 1.Open SQL Server Management Studio 2008 2.Connect to the database server as normal 3.Press F7 to open the "Object Explorer Details" window or click "View" >> "Object Explorer Details" 4.In the object explorer details window expand by double click on "Databases" 5.Right click on the header bar ("Name", "Policy health state", "Recovery Model", etc) and deselect "Collation" from the menu that will pop up 6.From the object explorer, refr…

BOOK : Refactoring with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

Refactoring with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010This book will show you how to make your code base more maintainable by detailing various refactorings. Visual Studio includes some basic refactorings that can be used independently or in conjunction to make complex refactorings easier and more approachable. This book will discuss large-scale code management, which typically calls for refactoring. To do this, we will use enterprise editions of Visual Studio, which incorporate features like Application Performance Explorer and Visual Studio Analyzer. These features make it simple to handle code and prove helpful for refactoring quickly.