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Master Pages and Content PlaceHolder’s for WSS 3.0

Master Pages and Content PlaceHolder’s for WSS 3.0:

It can be difficult to maintain a standard look if you must always put the common pieces in place with every web form you build. In ASP.NET 2.0, master pages will make the job easier. The Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 default master page contains several ContentPlaceHolder controls to enable easy customization to an individual content page. In Web you can get more details about the placeholder which has been a huge help in Customization.

One of the sharepoint blogger prepared this reference image for sharepoint professionals, this will be more usefull one.

Remove or Disable 'MySite' in MOSS 2007

Remove or Disable 'MySite' in MOSS 2007

Disabling MySite in MOSS 2007 was big question in our team, because we are very new to this sharepoint and MOSS 2007. Later analysing and reading a Microsoft content i got clue about how to hide or disable MySite, using that i found the solution
Let me start how to do that. First you have to login as MOSS 2007 administrator. Because you need to be administrator to do this operation. Then open your SharePoint Central Administrator 3.0. Click on the Shared Servics Administration in you left side of the Quick Link.

And select your SSP(shared services providers) which is running your MySite Functionalities. Under the User Profiles and My Sites select the Personalization services permissions.

After this you need select the group of users to be limited this MySite feature anymore. I'm selecting the NTAuthority\Authenticated Users to be limited, this will do the same for you.

And now after select the checkbox click Modify Permissions of Selecte…

Install/Upload New Site Templates in MOSS 2007

Install/Upload New Site Templates in MOSS 2007

In this blog let me tell you how to install the new site templates in your MOSS 2007. First get your site templates created by you or download the latest Site Templates released by Microsoft.

Application Templates for Windows SharePoint Services

After downloading the latest Application Templates EXE file, extract all the site templates to a folder. Now you will get site template files of two different file extensions .wsp and .stp.

Now we are going to install all the extracted site templates to your sharepoint. First log on to your Central Site Administrator and then in the Site Actions drop-down menu in the top right, select Site Settings.

And now under the Galleries section, select Site templates to proceed for the next step.

Now select upload to load an application template into this SharePoint site. If you are planned to upload more then one site template the choose multiple upload option.

After selecting the upload option, browse through …

My New Article on Microsoft WPF

My New Article on Microsoft WPF is published on

"Step into the new Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)"

MOSS 2007 article published in

My new article on MOSS 2007 migration article is published in

"Migration from Microsoft Content Management Server 2002 to Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007."

Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) Introduction - My first step!

Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation (WF)

Windows Workflow Foundation is the programming model, engine and tools for quickly building workflow enabled applications. WF radically enhances a developer’s ability to model and support business processes.


Windows workflow is a part of .NET 3.0 framework. This will help the developers and IT professionals to create Business process managed application. Workflow is consist of four parts Activity Model, Workflow Designer, Workflow Runtime and Rules Engine.

You can download the windows workflow from the following below mentioned links.
Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2005 Extensions for Windows® Workflow Foundation Release Candidate 2

You can get the .NET 3.0 framework from the below link.
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 Redistributable Package

My first sample - WF (Sequential Workflow Console Application)

First create a new sequential workflow console application project using your visual studio 2005.

Then open the solution explorer and delete the…

“WPF/E” (codename) Community Technology Preview for Windows

Using the Windows Presentation Foundation (formerly codename “Avalon”), you can provide your users with world-class content and document experiences within your application. Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) provides developers with a unified programming model for building rich Windows smart client user experiences that incorporate UI, media, and documents.

WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation)

“WPF/E” (codename) Community Technology Preview for Windows (Feb 2007)

“WPF/E” (codename) Community Technology Preview Sample Pack (Feb 2007)

WPF/E” (codename) Software Development Kit (SDK) Community Technology Preview (Feb 2007)


Microsoft Expression Web Fre…

Enable content search in MOSS: Search visibility setting in MOSS 2007

Search visibility setting is available in MOSS 2007, which will enable the page content search in your MOSS search. By enabling this Search visibility in your MOSS 2007, it will index your entire page content for your search. To enable this to site setting under site administration you can find Search visibility.

In the above two steps we can enable content search in MOSS 2007.