Infopath 2007 - Multiple submit buttons

Running InfoPath 2007, If i would like to have 2 Submit buttons on my form. One to email the form to an e-mail address provided by a form field and the another to publish to a Sharepoint site.

I can easily create these using Infopath button properties, but when I create the second button and change it's properties it also changes the properties of the first buttom.

Is it possible to have multiple submit buttons performing different tasks? If so, how.

In this case, you need to go for 'Rules and Custom Code' option in the button property.

For more reference: microsoft released doc.

Other reference:


milsie said…
I'm having difficulties with exactly the same issue. 1 Submit button emails someone on the form, the other one emails someone else on the form once the forms have been signed in different sections. Any help!?!?!
milsie said…
Same here!

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