Excel Services in MOSS 2007 - Sharing your excel


Excel Services is a new technology that ships as part of Shared Services and allows you to calculate and display Excel spreadsheets using MOSS 2007 without necessarily having a copy of Excel on the client machines. With Excel Services you can simply share a spreadsheet using the browser. Excel Services has a calculation engine that supports calculating spreadsheets on the server in order to offload resource intensive calculations.

The three main components of the Excel Services are

1) Excel Web Access web part
2) Excel Calculation Services
3) Excel Web Services

To start with, first check your Excel Calculation Services is running. How to check this? go to Central administrator and click the operations tab and Topology and Services select Services on server, the services will be listed as in the below image.

And now you need to create a trusted work location for your Excel. To do that create or configure a shared services. First open the shared Services Administration and create new SSP, after creating your new SSP open your administration page of your newly created SSP. In your SSP administrator page Under Excel Services Settings select Trusted file locations. Use the URL address of the document library which you created in the site and Location Type as "Windows SharePoint Services" and then click OK.

Now you need a simple Excel which should do some simple canculation for our Excel services demo. Now start creating a new excel with sample data with calculation in it. And after that publish the excel using Excel services option in your Excel 2007.

SharePoint publishes your workbook into the document library. If you browse to this document from IE, you'll see an Excel-like generated interface. This Excel service that allows you to publish your Excel documents to a server library and let users run them successfully.


Gopal said…
Hi Vivek,

Can you please share your experience/knowledge about deploying solutions based on Excel Services? This would be a great help.


What kind of details you need?

some reference i used for my work
Suresh said…
Hello Vivek,

I am a tester in a company. I was asked to give a presentation on out-of-box capabilities of Excel services in MOSS 2007 this week end. I am not understanding anything which I found on different sites regarding this. Could you please provide some info of about 20-25 slides in PPT so that I can give the presentation happily. Pls help

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