Disable Custom Error Message in SharePoint 2007

Disable Custom Error Message in SharePoint 2007. To see the call stack when an error occurs in the sharepoint, instead of being redirected to the error page which as the custom user friendly error messages in sharepoint 2007.

1) First open the web.config file for your site, which will be located InetPub folder.
2) In the web.config file, search for the tag, in the tag, locate the tag and change it to CallStack="true".
3) In the web.config file, search for the tag, within the tag, locate the tag and change it to
4) And save the changes in the web.config file and close.

Now whenever the error occurs in the site it will display the original error message and not the custom error messages of the SharePoint 2007.


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Research Writer said…
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Daniel said…
Hi vivekthangaswamy thanks for this post, I have been getting a number of errors since migrating to a new environment, which I was able to resolve once it was more obvious what the underlying issue was. It ended up being a combination of a number of missing Web Part assembles which I first suspected. In my case, displaying errors was all that was required as the message displayed contained the specific details of the missing assemblies.

I also found the following article which explains how to enable errors, call stack trace, debugging and the ASP.NET tracing feature which may also help when troubleshooting SharePoint errors.

SharePoint: How to Show Full Errors, debug mode

( http://blog-sharepoint.blogspot.com/2009/12/sharepoint-webconfig-how-to-show-full.html )



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