Remove or Disable 'MySite' in MOSS 2007

Remove or Disable 'MySite' in MOSS 2007

Disabling MySite in MOSS 2007 was big question in our team, because we are very new to this sharepoint and MOSS 2007. Later analysing and reading a Microsoft content i got clue about how to hide or disable MySite, using that i found the solution

Let me start how to do that. First you have to login as MOSS 2007 administrator. Because you need to be administrator to do this operation. Then open your SharePoint Central Administrator 3.0. Click on the Shared Servics Administration in you left side of the Quick Link.

And select your SSP(shared services providers) which is running your MySite Functionalities. Under the User Profiles and My Sites select the Personalization services permissions.

After this you need select the group of users to be limited this MySite feature anymore. I'm selecting the NTAuthority\Authenticated Users to be limited, this will do the same for you.

And now after select the checkbox click Modify Permissions of Selected Users to proceed to the next screen. To disable MySites uncheck "Create Personal Site" in this screen and click save.

That's it. This will work fine. If your new to MOSS 2007 or sharepoint this will be more usefull.


Marshal Nagpal said…
This article has helped me in restricting creation of personal sites. Thanks a lot for sharing such information.
Bill said…
Very good, simple walk through. Thank you very much for the info.
Jackie said…
Thanks for the tip here!

Do you have any idea how to make it so that users can reply to surveys and post on the boards, but can't upload documents and images? I've been trying to find the solution to that for a few days now, with no luck so far.
jenny said…
i tried it but MY Site Link Displayed again what is the Problem......?
anolan said…
This removes the link for My Site and My Links. However, if you use people search and click on your own name this will still create the My Site for you. How can you prevent this other than switching off people search?
Saveesh said…
Thanks . This helped me to remove the MySite link from subsites

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