Install/Upload New Site Templates in MOSS 2007

Install/Upload New Site Templates in MOSS 2007

In this blog let me tell you how to install the new site templates in your MOSS 2007. First get your site templates created by you or download the latest Site Templates released by Microsoft.

Application Templates for Windows SharePoint Services

After downloading the latest Application Templates EXE file, extract all the site templates to a folder. Now you will get site template files of two different file extensions .wsp and .stp.

Now we are going to install all the extracted site templates to your sharepoint. First log on to your Central Site Administrator and then in the Site Actions drop-down menu in the top right, select Site Settings.

And now under the Galleries section, select Site templates to proceed for the next step.

Now select upload to load an application template into this SharePoint site. If you are planned to upload more then one site template the choose multiple upload option.

After selecting the upload option, browse through the path and select the site templates you want to install.

Now click ok to upload the site templates.

And now you can check the site templates which are install will be available in your Site Tamplate Gallery.

All your newly installed site templates will be available in your custom tab.

Hope this article will help you guys to install site template in MOSS 2007.


dvsteven said…
Thanks for the tip... I've installed templates in sites, and tried to do the same in MOSS 2007, but had forgotten there was even the Site Actions in Central Administration... looked all over in Application Management.... now I feel really stupid. Thanks for the right direction though.
Manesh said…
Thanks Guys. Solved many confusions. Keep posting such things. Appreciating your effort
Manesh said…
Thank you very much. Solved many confusions.
Satya said…
please any one have Moss 2007 server IQ(installation qualification)doc , please send me .its need full for me.

Satya Bonthu

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