metadata file '.dll' could not found in Visual Studio 2005

When I try to run the ASP.NET 2.0 web application using Visual Studio 2005 i was struck up with some irritating error message "metadata file '.dll' could not found "
Later when I explored on this I found some solutions that solved the problem in my development environment. I would like to share it here, so that it may help others.

Cause of the problem:
Files in the format: App_Web_urfile.dll are created when you compile your web application project using Visual Studio 2005. Every time you compile your solution, the Application is compiled into a 'temp' directory which gets read by IIS or the internal web server available in Visual Studio 2005. In some scenerio, especially if you do a more of testing/debugging, the temp folder gets overload and become unable to understand by the application.

The first option is
1. Clear the temp cache files.
2. Stop or Restart IIS and close your Visual Studio 2005
3. Go to: C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.__\Temporary ASP.NET Files
4. Delete all the files
5. Re-compile your application and then test.

Hope this help


Thanks for this post!

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