Make sure the application for the file type (.aspx) is installed.

After I created new WebSite in VS 2005 I'm getting this error

---------------------------Microsoft Visual Studio---------------------------

There is no editor available for 'C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\Visual Studio 2005\WebSites\WebSiteUpload\Default.aspx'.
Make sure the application for the file type (.aspx) is installed.

---------------------------OK ---------------------------


run from a Visual Studio Command Prompt, type "devenv.exe /setup" and then "devenv /resetskippkgs" (without the quotes)


Thanks a lots.You made my life esay dude..Thanks again
Felipe said…
Really good! It works perfectly, thanks!
Elizabeth said…
I can't found the files, doesn't exists in the path
Elizbeth> What is the file your searching for?
Pedro Kbça said…
Please vivekthangaswamy, how can I do this on Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition?

Help me! =/
patrick said…
Really great! It's a nice blog.... add your website in application
Jayachandran said…
Hello Mr. Vivek, Good job mate...:)
Johann Medina said…
Ohh men... thanks thanks
f0rgetme said…
thanks it worked

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