"The page cannot be displayed" in MOSS 2007

After the successful migration of my current SharePoint 2003 to SharePoint 2007, some of my users are facing the "The page cannot be displayed" in SharePoint 2007 migrated site. After some analysis I found out the solution which solved my problem.

Solution: If the domain is not listed in the Shared Service Provider (SSP) this error may occur for the user under that domain. Shared Service Administration select the share services for your server then User Profile and Properties then Configure Profile Import in Source section click the view import connections. You will see a list of the connection your SSP is using. Try adding the other domains as separate connections rather than adding the forest this way you have more control and do not replace your current settings.
Else if your DHCP assign a public DNS server, change DHCP to assign only to your DNS server and not the commonly used public DNS server


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