using ArrayList for Simple Scenario (Using C#)


I have 2 tables one has 6 textboxes, the other has 8 rows with one textbox per row.I need to insert into a table the values in the first 6 textboxesfrom table 1 plus value from textbox 1 row 1 to textbox 8 row 8 in table 2. altogether 8 insert queries, so I will need a for loopthat will attach the values form table 1 to each value in table 2 unless the value is null.can I create an array of texboxes in table 2 so then I could loop through the array?

Solution (Using C#):

//This code to implement
ArrayList list = new ArrayList();
list.Add(new Category("textbox1"),1);
list.Add(new Category("textbox2"),2);
list.Add(new Category("textbox3"),3);
list.Add(new Category("textbox4"),4);
list.Add(new Category("textbox5"),5);
list.Add(new Category("textbox6"),6);
list.Add(new Category("textbox7"),7);
list.Add(new Category("textbox8"),8);

foreach (Category cate in list)
sql = "INSERT INTO DB..tAble (col1, col2) VALUES ( ";
sql += "'" + cate.Type + "', " + "'" + cate.TypeCode + "');" ;
catch(Exception ex)

// add this class under same namespace
public class Category
public string Type;
public int TypeCode;

public Category()
public Category(string type, int tcode)
this.Type = type;
this.TypeCode = tcode;

protected void Insertdata(string sql)
// Your connection and query processing for database


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