Columns hide in Winforms Datagrid

This code is to hide the columns in the DataGrid in WinForms Application.

DataGridTableStyle ColHidStyle = new DataGridTableStyle();
ColHidStyle.MappingName = "HideTest";
ColHidStyle.GridColumnStyles["Modifier"].Width = 0;

or other way is

objDs.Tables["myTableName"].Columns["myColumnName"].ColumnMapping = MappingType.Hidden;


Sadhik said…
It is about removing record from dataset
when i removed a row from the dataset(datset.tablename.rows.remove(row))
after that when i saved a new record it saved on the removed rows position like when i removed the 2nd row and when i am saving the 5th row it is saving on the 2nd position.I already used the dataset.table.clone command

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